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Quality Policy


In TECHNOLOGY IN PROCESSES OF METAL S.A. DE C.V., we are an organization dedicated to the manufacture and maquila of metal that meets high quality standards, through competent personnel and state of the art technology, for the industry sector in general, committed to:

  • Satisfy the requirements of our customers and interested parties.

  • Comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.


With a commitment to teamwork and applying the processes for the continuous improvement of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, for the benefit of our clients, suppliers, collaborators and company.

Quality Management System

Manufacture and machining and metal by laser cutting, punching  and cnc bending.


International standard.

Registration Number: 90Q22100

5S for Lean Manufacturing

A Japanese origin metodology, helps improve order and cleanliness practices, while creating standards in effective and efficient processes. 

We apply this high-value tool to improve productivity and efficiency.

  1. Seiri (classification)

  2. Seiton (arrange)

  3. Seiso (cleaning)

  4. Seiketsu (standardize)

  5. Shitsuke (discipline)

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