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About Us

Leaders in the Sheet Metal Manufacturing Market with High End Technology Improovement and High Quality Standards.

Tecnología en Procesos de Metal

Was born in 2014 with a vision of being a leading company and competitive in its manufacturing processes, offering its customers a higher product value, quality and service through continuous Improvement. 

ISO Quality 9000-2015

We have a Quality Policy with which we are committed to offering services of metal complying with the high standards by means of competent personnel and the latest in technology always looking for the Consolidation and Continuous Improvement of our Management System this for the benefit of our customers and staff.

Own Logistics 

We have our own logistics service for the delivery and collection of raw materials and finished products. 

4 units available in different sizes such as closed trucks, platforms, vans and flatbed trucks.

Time Advantage

Two shifts of 10 hours and 18 people base between administrative and production staff.

Acero de corte por láser

We understand customer needs

Integrating a consistent Mission to satisfy the needs of our customers through state-of-the-art technology through excellence in maquila services in laser cutting, punching, PEM bending and inserting. 

Secondary services as per your requirements, with the support of our approved outsource suppliers, we can offer the following services:





Powder coating

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